This could be the month

By Luke Dyson

As we enter July this could be the last month of lock down with freedom day set for the 19th. With the vaccine program booming and majority of the UK being vaccinated, hospitalization numbers are plummeting and showing promise this deadline could actually be hit.

This positivity however has not translated across into the currency markets nor given sterling the strength we are expecting moving forward to create new highs. This week we have seen sterling euro still trapped in its multi week range bound market with no clear direction for the liniment future. However for sterling dollar we have seen a multiple cent drop in the last 7 days as the dollar starts to revive its strength.

Regardless of your up and coming currency requirement you can take advantage of the current rates as sterling at present is still maintaining its power to some extent across the board, the closer we get to this July 19th deadline the higher the chances of another setback and sterling taking a beating another time. Although it is likely this date will be hit there is still possibility of other strains coming into the mix as other countries are significantly behind in the vaccine process.

Please get in touch with your currency consultant today to take advantage of sterling’s current strength, although travel is still not permitted we offer multiple different strategies which can help limit your currency exposure.