By Matthew Vassallo

Investors have had little to go on over recent days, as GBP continues to remain rangebound against both the EUR & USD

September 20, 2021

The Week Ahead

By Simon Eastman

Last week sterling was yet again volatile as a range of data releases helped then hindered its progress against the major pairings…

By Ashley Finill

The Coronavirus continues to control the currency market and the pound looks to be benefiting slightly over the past couple of weeks…

By Luke Dyson

For the week to date, sterling is holding its strength across the board, with GBP/EUR at the top of its current multiple month range bound market. However at present, it still lacks the strength to break out and make new highs just yet.

By Matthew Vassallo

The Pound has seen its value plateau against a majority of the major currencies since the turn of the month, with investors risk appetite for GBP starting to dilute…

By Lauren Buckner

There is much to be celebrated in the UK as everyday life returns to ever more levels of normality. The Pound unfortunately seems to have lost the memo and has moved to the lower end…