By Matthew Boyle This month has been a turbulent one – we have seen GBP>EUR rates at a 13 month high sharply then followed by the biggest drop in a single week since September 2020. Since then it seems however rates have remained flat and stagnant. Concerns over the Astra Zeneca vaccine have seemingly passed, […]

By Luke Dyson

As April draws to a close sterling has struggled to replicate its gains found earlier on this month following a sharp drop a few weeks back due to the Astra Zeneca scare for under 30 year olds.

By Tom Arnold As the week begins we see the trend of the back end of last week continuing, with Sterling and Euro fairly stable, but the US Dollar still on the back foot. Europe is benefitting from an increase in pace to their vaccination rollout scheme and a more upbeat than expected view on […]

By Ashley Finill ECB interest rate decision The ECB’s interest rate decision didn’t pull any surprises and reiterated their earlier stance of trying to keep borrowing costs low in the Eurozone during the pandemic to protect the economy. The ECB president Christine Lagarde took a press conference when the rate decision was announced and said […]

By Lauren Buckner Exchange rates continue to be much more volatile at present with more significant intra-day market movement than we have seen in general over Q1 2021. The market appears to be stuck looking for clear direction at present while the after effects of a global pandemic skew the economic data and a slow […]

April 19, 2021

The Week Ahead

By Simon Eastman Last week was again a fairly quiet one for the pound which continued to remain out of favour, with Brexit backlash and set backs to our vaccination program. We did see a slight uptick as the week ended, but coming from the rangebound low, it wasn’t anything to shout about. This week […]