UK politics on fast forward and eyes on Central Banks

By Grace Smyth

This past week has seen the the UK appoint yet another new Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak enters Number 10 taking on the position of the UK’s third PM in the space of 7 short weeks. Let’s hope his premiership can last longer than the shelf life of a lettuce or perhaps a pumpkin is more in season?

With drastic government change comes market uncertainty, coupled with the scrabbling to halt the damage made by our previous prime ministers mini budget, the Pound was left in a rather vulnerable spot. Thankfully since the appointment of Rishi Sunak it would seem market confidence is on the up, however it is early days and if the last 3 months have taught us anything, it is that we never know what is lurking around the corner to spook investors.

This week attention is on the central banks. The Reserve Bank of Australia is due to release its rate decision on Tuesday, followed by the Federal Reserve mid week on Wednesday and the Bank of England on Thursday and Friday we have Canada’s unemployment rate and US Non Farm Payroll to consider.

Now the havoc of the mini budget, Gilts yields, mortgage markets and changes in government is dealt with, the Bank of England can now turn its focus on managing inflation with rate hikes over the course of the next few months. The last interest rate decision took place on 22 September where the base rate climbed to 2.25 percent from 1.75. On Thursday the Monetary Policy Committee will decide the new base rate. This time around financial markets are pricing in a 0.75 percent rise taking us up to 3 percent, however should the BOE go for a larger hike to 100bps currency rates could react and fluctuate.

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The week ahead in more detail:


10:00     EUR        GDP and HICP figures


03:30     AUD       RBA Interest Rate Decision

14:00     USD       ISM Manufacturing PMI

21:45     NZD       Employment Change


12:15     USD        Employment change

18:00     USD       FED Interest Rate Decision


00:30     AUD       Trade Balance

12:00     GBP       MPC Report and BOE Interest Rate Decision

14:00     USD       ISM Services PMI


00:30     AUD       RBA Monetary Policy Statement

12:30     USD       NonFarm Payroll

12:30     CAD       Employment Change and Unemployment Rate