How it Works

Your funds handled swiftly & securely

A Place in the Sun Currency handles all client payments through UK and EU bank accounts held with Barclays Bank plc.

Once you have registered for the service you can choose if and when to place an order with us; we will then provide our client account bank details for you to send your selling currency (usually Pound Sterling) which can be done through your online or telephone banking service, or by visiting your bank in person to make a transfer. We do not accept cash, cheques or direct debits.

When we have received your funds, we will send you a receipt by email, and will then be ready to make your onward transfer (eg in Euros). You will need to provide us the details for the beneficiary account, whether it is your own bank account overseas, or a third party such as a solicitor or notary who is handling your property purchase. We will transfer your currency immediately (subject to bank cut-off times and internal checks) and payment will typically arrive with the beneficiary the same day or next day.

We will also email you a proof of transfer which you can forward to your property agent, solicitor or notary.

If you are unsure of the details required for your currency payment, don’t worry – our friendly team of dedicated account managers will ensure we have all the necessary information to make your payment swiftly and securely.

With A Place in the Sun Currency you can be assured that your funds are in safe hands; our payments team are experts in making international payments for overseas property buyers, and we are FCA regulated as well as HMRC registered as a money service business. If for any reason your purchased currency is left on account with us overnight or longer, it is held in Safeguarded bank accounts and is legally ring-fenced from our business banking, or separate client bank accounts, depending on FCA definitions.